Vibes International Music Festival 

We are promoting awareness in several American, Caribbean and Latino communities to help stop gun violence, domestic violence against women, human trafficking and promote homelessness awareness and cancer awareness.

Please be advise that we are still adding artists, sponsors and vendors while developing our sites, apps and setting up the internal management of this awareness festival. Volunteer to help, but please be patient if your request or email is not answered same day. Thanks

About us

United Contract and Management Inc. seeks to build coalitions artists, celebrities, sponsors, vendors, cultural music lovers and those who share a commitment for building a safer community. 

The purpose of the community awareness festival if to promote awareness, raise funding to implement programs to help at risk adults and help support other NPO in local communities.

United Contract and Management Inc. (UCMI) is a collaborative service oriented, family-driven and community-based organization.
UCMI is creating partnership with several Non-profit organizations that assesses, plans, links, coordinates, monitors and evaluates the services needed by victimized families to move toward providing solutions and focus on promoting Cancer awareness, Gun violence awareness, Domestic violence against woman awareness, Human trafficking awareness and Homelessness awareness

United Contract and Management Inc. several benefits to its members to help promote awareness. One of the key driving force behind helping our communities is providing an opportunity for jobs, incentives to bring change and financial support.
Regardless of how many business, organizations, or outreach NPO promote awareness UCMI realize that real change only comes when people are given an opportunity to resolve their lack of resources and financial opportunity.

United Contract and Management Inc. (Florida) in association with Glad Tidings Institute (501c3 Florida) and The Prophetic Ministry affiliated under The Full Gospel of Christ Fellowship, Inc. and several business sponsors throughout the USA, The Bahamas and Caribbean

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