VIMF2018 Fashion Model Pageant

The Vibes International Music Festival, provide wholesome competition that not only contestants but their entire family can enjoy. Create an environment where our contestants can grow, mature, develop, and exhibit their talents, personalities, interpersonal skills, and sportsmanship, providing opportunity and rewards, that will further enhance their lives and provide direction as they pursue their ambitions. VIMF is looking for participants like Miss America winners, Miss USA, Miss Universe, doctors, lawyers, CPA’s, business entrepreneurs, engineers, actors, singers, dancers, musicians, and many people with success stories over the years. We are extremely proud of bringing awareness to Gun violence, domestic violence, human trafficking, cancer, sickle cell, stroke and homelessness. 

What Do I Wear? ANY nice dressy dress, i.e. church dress, flower girl type dress, pageant dress, prom dress or gown…..may be as dressy as you like. Only one outfit is needed. You may wear ANY TYPE of shoes and socks. They may be ANY COLOR. Just compliment your outfit. Boys three and under may wear any nice outfit, suit or tux.
How many times do I go on stage? Each age division will have a group line up first thing so the judges will be able to see the entire age group before they start judging. You will be judged on the OPTIONAL CATEGORIES (if you entered them) during the group line up. You then exit the stage and come out one at a time to the center of the stage for individual judging. Ages three years and younger must be accompanied by an adult.
Judging is based on facial beauty, overall appearance and projection. Photogenic is judged on facial beauty from the photo you turn in to be judged. Each group has a winner and four runners-up. The winners are announced after each age division competes and you are free to leave. You are normally there approximately one and a half hours.
Is makeup allowed? On ages two and under NO MAKEUP PLEASE! Three – six years may wear blush, lip gloss , etc. but PLEASE keep age appropriate for a special occasion as we want VERY LITTLE MAKEUP, if any, on this age group. All other groups may wear age appropriate but not overdone!
How long do we have on stage? Every contestant simply goes to the center of the stage where they may do any modeling they wish to do. We read out the info on your form and watch to see if it appears you are about through and then say “thank you”. We do not want you to go up and down the stage. All routines are to be done in the center and most little ones just stand in the center. NO MODELING is required; as you do not receive a modeling score….projection only.
Is there an interview? No interviews.
Do I need to bring photos? There is an OPTIONAL PHOTOGENIC CONTEST and IF YOU CHOOSE to enter this category you must bring your favorite photo to the pageant. After it is judged it is returned to you right there at the pageant. NO FRAMES PLEASE!
OPTIONAL SIDE AWARDS – Best attire, prettiest eyes, prettiest smile, etc. are judged during your group line up in the very beginning. All side awards categories are open to every age group. Top Model Look/Face is a “look” that the judges feel would look cute in catalog print work, in commercials, etc.
How do I qualify for AWARENESS FESTIVAL FINALS? If you win ANY award at the local preliminary you will win your $250.00 beauty entry fee is free to advance on to your event finals.
1st place $2,500 to represent for 1 year. Plus a main roll in our documentary movie.
2nd place $1,000 will be in movie casting
3rd and 4th place $500 movie extra

Beauty contest

Beauty and Fashion

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